Salmo is a DIY digital immigration system that helps UK migrants to organise their visa journey without stress (Launching in early 2023).

Sorting out anything to do with immigration equals stress and money: You either spend money to reduce stress or endure stress to save money. Salmo is created to make immigration easy enough for anyone to prepare. We help you find your most compatible visa choice, schedule your visa preparation step-by-step, and keep your settlement route on track... without killing your wallet.

Design x Law = Efficiency

We visualise and simplify the complexity of UK immigration laws into migrant-friendly online organisers. By learning your background, we filter out irrelevant information and guide you in preparing your visa application with the most updated resource.

Created by immigrants, for immigrants

Salmo is created by a small group of immigrants living in the UK. We understand the struggles and the pains when facing immigration rules because we've all been there before. It's easy to be scared when you can't figure things out; by returning the power of knowledge back to our community, we hope it can establish a grounding sense of comfort within you.

Our service is still under construction, but we have a lot of information, thoughts and stories to tell you, so this will be our temporary website to release weekly content for now! Once the service is up and running, our plan is to gradually convert these contents into a digital and/or printed monthly issue (just an idea for now). Do you think it's doable? Let us know what you think!

What does “Salmo” mean?

Applying for a UK visa is like being a salmon, swimming against the tide, trying to find a way back home. The word "Salmo" is an invented verb; we define it as the resilience and perseverance it takes to proceed on this journey. We hope that visualising this feeling may help those without migrational burdens understand the struggles.

What’s it like to apply for a UK visa?

Picture this: You've built a life in the UK, decided to stay longer, and possibly even get a permanent residency. After weeks of research, you think you know enough until reality smashes you with new or unknown visa requirements. Or picture this: After all these years, you fought through many visa wars and finally reached the settlement stage. Until you realise you exceeded the travel day restriction and have to restart again. The pictures go on.

Why should I use Salmo instead of hiring a lawyer or doing it myself?

You can choose a lawyer to buy time and security, but it can be expensive. Alternatively, you can do it yourself, but its time consuming, and with guidance, it can become manageable. Our service, backed by certified lawyers, provides streamlined advice and information based on UK immigration law. Salmo finds the balance of time and money by providing a DIY (do-it-yourself) option for just a fraction of your lawyer's price.

Salmo will be launching in mid-May 2023!

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